Concept thinking

Flight sim game – every boys dream is to be a pilot

The ability to select different aircraft types and difficulty levels. Everything from realistic (MS Flight Simulator) and children games.

Wireless streaming

Photo service

The ability to manipulate images taken on the vacation and have them and retrieved in printed condition at the airport or send them as holiday postcards.

Print service

For the business man. The ability to upload material for the next meeting and retrieve it in a printed condition at the airport.

Look and Feel

The main screen has to be a 10 touch in 16/9 UHD built into the seat backs. Selects the passenger in the front seat to put the seat down, set the monitor automatically to the correct level. This can also be set with the second monitor. The monitor can be removed to better read option. Remove the screen too far from the seat, the connection is broken and the alarm sounds.

As a family on vacation, you have the opportunity to:

cabin shop
tax-free shop
watch movies
news channel
play games (flight simulator)
image editing / photo service
learn about the destination
info on the plane
cockpit camera and sound
acquiring the neighbor’s screen with your remote control
select language
video telephony with another passenger on the plane
Internet wifi
reading books and magazines
outside camera
safety on board video
coloring book
flight map
trip info
weather forecast for distination
language school
learning games
game learning about the world


As a business man you have the extra opportunity to:

adjust lights, seat, heating
personalization of screen
stock Exchange etc..
continue movies from the last trip
print service
app for smartphone
book the snacks for the trip via the app at the office

Secondary screen must be 516/9 with Accelerometer, gyro so it is possible to “manage” the in game.


Menustystem ala LG WebOs 2014 design.



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